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Beach Boulevard Hotel Project Documents

Requests for Qualifications & Proposals

RFQ Hotel/Conference Center 2212 Beach Blvd

The City of Pacifica is pleased to announce a hotel/conference center development opportunity for a 3 acre parcel of City-owned property located at 2212 Beach Blvd., Pacifica, CA. This is a unique opportunity to enhance the look of the California coastline through the development and operation of a hotel/conference center on the beach of the Pacific Ocean in Northern California. Responses to the RFQ must be received by October 23, 2018 5:00pm PDT

Q & A's on the RFQ

Questions and answers on the RFQ will be posted here as they are received. Please check for new postings as they are submitted and processed.

  1. With the potential for the current zoning to be reclassified, what municipal zoning regulations should be referenced for confirmation of allowed density, yard requirements, parking, building heights, etc.? Although these specifics re: municipal zoning regulations are more appropriately addressed during the RFP phase of the development process, the City’s intent is to seek a Planned Development (PD) zoning district which includes the project site, and provides grouping of varied and compatible land uses that allows a project to be designed with the appropriate flexibility. The RFQ process seeks development submittals that include thoughtful, well-planned concepts which incorporate the specifics of the RFQ Submission Requirements on pages 10-12 of the RFQ.


  2. Are there specific design guidelines for the Pacifica Ocean Discovery Center (“PODC”)? For information on the Pacifica Ocean Discovery Center (PODC), please refer to the links in the Appendices on page 20 of the RFQ


  3. Will the zoning for these parcels be revised to Planned Development (P-D) prior to site entitlements? The Required Entitlements section on page 13 of the RFQ states that all entitlements will be processed concurrently.


  4. Will the General Plan/Local Coastal Land Use Plan be amended to Mixed-Use prior to site entitlements? The Required Entitlements section on page 13 of the RFQ states that all entitlements will be processed concurrently.


  5. Will the City consider proposals that include condominiums/apartment units? At this point in the process the City of Pacifica has not made any specific determinations with respect to any configurations that may be submitted as part of the RFQ/RFP process. Please carefully review the RFQ and the reference documents noted in the Appendices. In particular, the development site falls within the jurisdiction of the California Coastal Commission; please review the material generated by the Coastal Commission.


  6. Does the pump station omit any odor? All wastewater pump stations and lift stations omit some odor. The Sharp Park pump station has an odor control system but the system is currently not being used. A large U.S. Filter scrubber system, complete with blowers, odor control stacks, and appurtenant piping is present at this site. The U.S. Filter Scrubber was present while Sharp Park was functioning as a wastewater treatment plant. The odor level produced is very low and has not been as issue. The exterior of the scrubber system seems to be in good condition.


  7. Does it have a proper exhaust system? Yes, a ventilation system is provided in all levels and in all rooms of this pump station.


  8. What about the noise that the pumps make? The pumps are not noisy. The motors for the pumps which creates the vast majority of the noise is inaudible from outside the building.


  9. Is there a quarterly inspection that gets done by San Mateo County or City of Pacifica or some sort of report that all is good with the pump station and there are no issues? There is no quarterly inspection done by San Mateo County. City of Pacifica staff conducts regular maintenance inspections of the facility. The City just recently completed a pump station assessment for Sharp Park Pump station.


  10. What are the times of operation i.e. 8am to 5pm etc? The pump station operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Wastewater staff checks the pump station daily. Wastewater staff’s work hours are 6:30am to 5:00pm; staff usually checks the pump station in the morning.


  11. Are there going to be any traffic flow issues by the pump station-such as water trucks etc? There are no traffic flow issues by the pump station.


  12. What type of pump is it? It is a Fairbanks Morse pump. There are three pumps and associated motors mounted and ready for use at the Sharp Park Pump Station. There is an unmounted, backup pump and motor that can be installed should any of the pumps or motors fail.

Reports to City Council

New Consideration for Issuing RFQ & RFP for 2212 Beach Blvd. Development Site -
      Staff Report 02/26/2018

Site Reports and Studies

Coastal Hazards Study - 2212 Beach Boulevard -
     Executive Summary
     Technical Report with Executive Summary
     Reference Documents

Press Announcements

Press Release 9/20/2018: City of Pacifica Releases RFQ for Ocean Front Hotel Development