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Beautification Advisory Committee

Committee Info

Staff Liaison:
Michelle Trayer
Project Coordinator - Department of Public Works/Engineering
email: trayerm@ci.pacifica.ca.us
T: 650-738-3767

General Inquiries
Beautification Advisory Committee
email: PacificaPride@ci.pacifica.ca.us


Committee Meeting Times/Locations:

The Beautification Advisory Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. Due to Covid-19, the meetings are currently being held via Zoom meetings.

Committee Purpose/Objectives:

The Beautification Advisory Committee (BAC) is charged with the implementation of the Keep Pacifica Beautiful (KPB) program as part of the Beautification Plan created by the Beautification Task Force and approved by the City Council in 2013.  Their goals and objectives include:

  • Developing guidelines and policies for the implementation of the Keep Pacifica Beautiful program including signage, project costs, etc.
  • Locating sites in need of beautification.
  • Engage and educate the public in how beautification strengthens our sense of community and pride.
  • Work with civic groups and government agencies in rehabilitating public areas.
  • Implement the annual Mayors' Beautification Awards Program for property and business owners who beautify their properties.
  •  Implement policies and guidelines for art projects on public property consistent with the ‘Keep Pacifica Beautiful Through Public Art Program’  

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Michelle Trayer

Staff Liaison

Project Coordinator Department of Public Works/Engineering




Sue Beckmeyer

City Council Liaison

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Adopt-A-Spot: Help beautify and landscape Pacifica with your name or business! This is an excellent way to get exposure for your business or organization. Please e-mail one of the committee members for more information.




The mural at the Pacifica Community Center is the first project following the passage of the new “Keep Pacifica Beautiful Through Public Art Program,” developed by the Beautification Advisory Committee (BAC) and approved by the City Council earlier this year.  The program works on a sponsorship model, in which interested community groups, businesses, neighborhoods, or individuals sponsor public art and/or murals in public areas.  

The Pacifica Community Center, visible from Highway 1, has long been an area of interest for a mural project.  On August 7, 2019, the BAC held a public hearing regarding the Community Center mural and sent notices to residents within a 500-foot radius from the Community Center.  The BAC picked the location and subject of the mural.  They also brought forward the artist, Jeffrey Wong, who met with members of the BAC, the public art/mural subcommittee, Rotary Club, and the City’s Public Works Department.  The location of the mural was reviewed and the artist recommended painting on the building surface.  The BAC considered all public comments and voted to proceed with the project.  No appeals were filed during the appeal period.  The Rotary Club of Pacifica is sponsoring the new mural, in conjunction with the Pacifica Historical Society, and is coordinated by the BAC.

On November 2, 2019, the City of Pacifica, in partnership with San Mateo County, the National Park Service at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and other agencies, will commemorate “Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Day,” a story of two people -- the indigenous population and their culture, and the arrival of the Spanish colonists.   It was on November 4, 1769, that Spanish captain Gaspar de Portola and his men first sighted San Francisco Bay, a defining event in California history, and one that has been recognized in Pacifica for decades.

The research for the mural’s content included review of written documents and conversation with Dr. Jonathan Cordero, chairman of the Association of Ramaytush Ohlone and one of the last descendants of Ramaytush Ohlone, who resided along Calera Creek in the Rockaway quarry area.

Traveling north from San Diego and passing Monterey (the harbor they were seeking), the Portolá Expedition reached San Pedro Valley at the end of October 1769. On November 4, the Ramaytush-Ohlone trekked with them to the top of what we now call Sweeney Ridge revealing the expanse of the San Francisco Bay.

The meeting 250 years ago was friendly, with the Ramaytush-Ohlone providing aid to the explorers through food and knowledge.  In subsequent years that changed due to the mission system and colonization. "The Portolá expedition marked the beginning of the end for the Ohlone people and for California Indians along the coast from Sonoma to San Diego," said Dr. Cordero.

The mural depicts the abundance and natural beauty of the area that had been sustainably managed by the Ramaytush-Ohlone for centuries, and a time when two cultures came together peacefully.   

About the artist, Jeffrey Wong (http://jeffreysmurals.com/)

Jeffrey Wong is a local muralist based in Pacifica.  As a surfer for almost 20 years, he gets most of his inspirations from the coastal environment. His style is elemental and down to earth; following the fog, clouds, ocean, greenery, and the waves. As an artist, he believes there is harmony between living beings and their Earth. Through the mural medium these messages of hope, love, and beauty can be easily shared with the audience.

Example of the Mural

The theme of the mural is in recognition of the 250th year sighting of San Francisco Bay by Spanish explorers in November 1769, which depicts the natural lush beauty and richness of wildlife in the area that was documented by the diarists on the expedition.  An ill Spanish explorer is aided by others making the journey and those they meet, the indigenous Ramaytush Ohlone people, who helped the famished foot soldiers that were suffering from scurvy.


This mural is separate piece that depicts an indigenous person in a canoe with spirit animals around the person.  This mural may also be painted, depending on space availability.

For further information about the mural and the 250th anniversary event:

https://www.cityofpacifica.org/about/ohlone_portola_heritage_trail_project.asp or call the Pacifica Parks and Recreation Department at 650-738-7381




Beautification Advisory Committee Documents and Items of Interest:


BAC Sponsorship Agreement

BAC Re-Sponsorship Policy

BAC Project Checklist

Volunteer Waiver

Planting Guidelines

Cal Native Planting Guidelines