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El Nino Storm Information

City Manager Lorie Tinfow, in her role as Director of Emergency Services, declared a state of local emergency in the City of Pacifica on Friday, January 22, 2016.  Since December 15, 2015, the City has seen the dramatic failure of the sea wall along Beach Blvd. near the intersection of Santa Maria Avenue, and damage to the Pacifica Pier, and the Milagra Watershed Outfall.  Private properties located on Esplanade Avenue and Palmetto Avenue have also been affected. The City is watching closely the status of the facilities along the coast edge as a precursor to protecting its roadways.  Resources and additional information regarding the local emergency are provided below.

Resources for Displaced Residents:

Donations and Assistance:

Emergency relief to displaced residents is being offered through the joint efforts of the Pacifica Resource Center and American Red Cross.  To help support the residents of Pacifica, monetary donations can be made by contacting the Pacifica Resource Center at (650) 738-7470 or visiting their online donation portal.

Food and blankets are also being accepted at the Pacifica Resource Center located at 1809 Palmetto Avenue in Pacifica.

Residents who have been displaced can seek assistance at the Pacifica Resource Center.  If you are a Pacifica resident in need of housing or other assistance as a result of the winter storms, please call (650) 738-7470.

Press Releases:

Presentations and Reports to City Council:

Images we were able to capture of El Nino storm related damage.

Pacific Coast Television (PCT - cable channels 26/27) has provided video of the City of Pacifica City Council Meeting of January 25, 2016 in its entirety.  The meeting video can be found on their site here.  It was at this meeting that the adoption of a Proclamation Confirming Existence of a Local Emergency took place.

Additional Resources:

Below are web links to various websites with additional disaster resources.

Our Media Contact can be reached by phone at (650) 738-7409.

The City of Pacifica is active on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor.  Receive updates by joining us on these sites.  See our social media page for more information.