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Unused Medication Disposal

Despite longstanding advice to flush unused and expired medicine down the toilet, recent studies have found that elements of medication make it past wastewater treatment facilities and into waterways and marine life. To help preserve the environment and to get unused or expired medicine out of homes where it can be consumed by children or other unintended parties and/or taken after it starts to go bad, a county program has been started for the collection and proper disposal of unwanted medication.

Using retired mailboxes donated by the US Postal Service, the program has several confidential drop-off sites located in law enforcement facilities where people can bring in their unused and unwanted medications. The Pacifica Police Department has a drop-off container located in the front lobby of the station that can be accessed during business hours.

Business Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8:30 am - 5:00 pm

8:30 am - 7:30 pm.

Place medication in some type of container before depositing it in the drop-off boxes (remove personal information from prescription bottles first). Do not put medical equipment, batteries, syringes or other biohazard waste into the drop-off boxes.

Below is a complete list of drop-off locations in San Mateo County: 


*Atherton Police Department
 83 Ashfield Road Atherton
   *Pacifica Police Department
    2075 Coast Highway Pacifica
*Belmont Police Department
 1 Twin Pines Lane Belmont
   *San Bruno Police Department
    1177 Huntington Avenue San Bruno
*Burlingame Police Department
 1111 Trousdale Drive Burlingame
   *San Mateo Police Department
    2000 South Delaware Street San Mateo
*Daly City Police Department
 333 90th Street Daly City
   *South San Francisco Police Department
    33 Arroyo Drive, Suite C So. San Francisco
*Hillsborough Police Department
 1600 Floribunda Avenue Hillsborough
   *San Mateo County Sheriff's Office
    400 County Center Redwood City
*Millbrae Police Department
 581 Magnolia Avenue Millbrae

An official flier in both English and Spanish is available for download and printing - help get the word out about this important and innovative program!