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General Plan Update Project

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Draft General Plan Update, Draft Local Coastal Land Use Plan, and Environmental Review Documents

Purpose of the General Plan

Pacifica's General Plan has not been comprehensively updated since its adoption in 1980.  The General Plan is the City's most important planning tool, and a comprehensive update would help ensure that information in the Plan is current and that the Plan's goals and action items are consistent with current City policy. In addition, a General Plan update will allow Pacifica to add and strengthen policies related to sustainability and economic development.

The Pacifica General Plan is a policy document mandated by State law to address issues related to physical development and conservation of resources. The Plan embodies the expressed goals of residents, business owners, and elected officials and establishes concrete and achievable actions. Broad objectives such as “create economic development,” “preserve open space,” and “support sustainable practices” are translated into policies, maps, and specific actions that are tangible and can be implemented.

The City of Pacifica General Plan includes six of the seven elements required by State law: Land Use, Circulation, Open Space, Conservation, Safety, and Noise. It also includes two other optional elements that address local concerns: Economic Sustainability and Community Design. Because the Housing Element is required by State law to be updated at specific times—more frequently than the rest of the General Plan—it is published as a separate document. 

Why Update the General Plan?

The City of Pacifica last comprehensively updated its General Plan in 1980.  Many issues facing Pacifica are enduring but the legal environment governing land use, environmental preservation, housing, and other planning issues have changed. New priorities have emerged with a new generation of Pacifica residents and stakeholders. The General Plan update has provided for a comprehensive assessment of current conditions; it allows today’s residents to express a vision for the future. This update plan can provide an opportunity to eliminate obsolete text and policies, ensure legal conformity, and address today’s challenges.

Document Preparation History and Process