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General Plan Update - Community Forum 2

Community Forum 2

Overview (extracted from Forum 2 Report)

Approximately 120 community members and ten facilitators participated in the second community forum, held on Saturday, May 30, 2009 at Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School. The forum was publicized in a General Plan newsletter and a reminder postcard sent to all residents and businesses in the city, and posted on the City’s website. The General Plan update process has been covered by the Pacifica Tribune, and General Plan Outreach Committee members were asked to bring friends and associates.

At the second community forum, key issue areas were presented, with draft guiding policies relating to each of these issues. The issues and draft policy statements were formatted in an attempt to synthesize views expressed at the first forum. By reflecting these back to the community for response, the goal was to adjust and refine an understanding of the community’s goals and priorities. The meeting proceeded as follows:

1. General Plan Process and Community Input to Date. Leslie Gould of Dyett & Bhatia, the consulting firm retained by the City, gave a brief explanation of the General Plan process and the early stage of current activity. Summarizing the first community forum, she presented the results of individual voting on Pacifica’s assets and issues, and discussion groups’ ideas

 (For a summary of the first forum, see Pacifica Community Forum 1: Community Vision Summary Report.)

2. Key Issues and Guiding Policies for Discussion. The meeting continued as a series of six discussion periods, each concerning a “key issue,” covering from two to seven draft policy statements. It was emphasized that these statements were preliminary, meant to be the basis for discussion.

Participants were randomly assigned to twelve discussion groups, where ideas were recorded and balanced participation was encouraged. After groups had a chance to discuss each topic and set of policy statements, individuals were asked to vote individually on each policy statement, using an electronic keypad, on a scale from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”.

Community Forum 2: DID YOU GET THE POSTCARD??

Community Forum 2 Agenda

Community Forum 2 PPT

Community Forum 2 Report: Results from Forum 2


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