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PB&R Recreation Staff

The Parks, Beaches and Recreation staff are dedicated High School and College
students who know the value of community. These remarkable young
individuals believe in the ability to have a positive influence on youth
and teens as well as foster a strong community network.


Here are some interesting Staff Stats......

* All staff are trained in First Aid, CPR, and AED
* Staff are trained as Child Mandated Reporters
* More than 60% of the staff who have been hired by
   Parks, Beaches and Recreation have been previous participants
   in the LITE program
* Year-round staff meet bi-weekly to train on some of the following

  • City Special Events
  • Youth Development
  • Assertive Discipline
  • City Policies and Procedures
  • Program Planning
  • Professional Development
  • Trends and Current Issues in the Profession


Left to Right: Back Row: Terence Scott, Jonathan Nahass, Corrine Milburn-Barrett, Michael Moran, Sara Nahass

Left to Right: Front Row: Sophia Micheletti, Amanda Kaesler, Shaila Patel, Aria Lum, Izamar Solis

Izamar Solis: Izamar grew up in Palmdale, California and moved to San Francisco to pursue a higher education at SFSU. She joined the City of Pacifica's Recreation team in 2014. After her first summer camp Izamar has developed her passion for mentoring youth programs. She currently oversees both Explorer and Pioneer camp divisions for the City of Pacifica's annual summer camp. In her spare time, she enjoys working out and going on spontaneous hiking trips.  

Sophia Micheletti: Sophia is a Pacifica native who now attends Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She has always had a passion for working with youth, and when she was introduced to the LITE program in 2011, she knew it would lead into the job she has today. Sophia loves all things camp and you can often find her leading arts and crafts with Disney music playing in the background. 

Jonathan Nahass: Jonathan Nahass was born and raised in Pacifica, and he now is attending his second year at the University of Oregon. Jonathan attended Adventure Camp when he was just turning six years old, and has never spent a summer without it since. This is Jonathan’s fourth year as a Recreation Leader for Pacifica and is his third year as a Site Supervisor. When he’s not at school ore working, Jonathan enjoys playing golf, playing basketball, and having fun spending time with his friends.

Shaila Patel: Shaila grew up in Pacifica, and she is currently in her first year at San Diego State University. Shaila has been attending Adventure Camp since she was in first grade, and she loved it so much that she volunteered at the camp through the LITE program, and has now been a staff member for the past three years. She enjoys working at the Explorer Camp and having fun with the youth during the summer. In her spare time, Shaila enjoys running, hanging out with friends, and trying different types of food.

Sara Nahass: Sara grew up in Pacifica and has been a part of Adventure Camp since 2002. She has always loved working with kids, and was even a part of Pacifica’s LITE program as a teen. Sara went on to pursue her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology with an emphasis in Youth in Child Studies from the University of San Francisco. This will be her third summer as a recreation leader and second summer supervising Pioneer Camp. When Sara isn’t working or studying she is usually painting, hiking, or trying to learn something new. 

Amanda Kaesler: Amanda was born and raised in Northern California and moved to Pacifica with her family. She is currently a senior at Terra Nova high school and is looking forward to attending college next fall. Amanda loves working with the youth and is the president of the Pacifica Youth Advisory Board. She has been working at the explorer and pioneer camp for three years. You can find Amanda at camp leading Pioneer Pursuit and singing camp songs.

Aria Lum: Aria was born and raised in Pacifica. She attended Adventure Camp for two years, then went on to join the City of Pacifica's LITE program and Youth Advisory Board. Aria has been working at Adventure Camp's Fairmont site for two years. When she isn't leading games or crafts, she is practicing yoga or hanging out with friends.


 Corrine Milburn-Barrett: Corrine was born and raised on the east coast in Providence, Rhode Island. She moved to the Bay Area in 2012 to attend San Francisco State University. Now in her last year of her Bachelor's degree, Corrine is studying Recreation, Parks and Tourism in hopes of becoming a park ranger. After joining the city in early 2016, Corrine is now the assistant site supervisor for the Fairmont Program. Corrine will always be a camper at heart--you can always find her dancing, singing and playing camp games.

Terence Scott: Terence was born and raised in Santa Clarita, California. He moved to the Bay Area to pursue a degree in journalism at San Francisco State University. Terence joined the Recreation team here at the City of Pacifica in 2014. Currently, he is overseeing the annual summer camp at Fairmont Park, where he is able to fulfill his passion with working with youth. In his spare time, you can almost always find Terence playing some sort of sport.

Michael Moran, Recreation Coordinator: Michael grew up in the Bay Area. He has over 15 years of experience in recreation and aquatics. He has extensive recreation experience in special event planning and implementation, facilities, software management, and camp programs.  Michael is also an EMT Field Supervisor as well as the President-Elect for California Parks and Recreation Society – Recreation Section. Michael will be spending his second summer with Pacifica and is excited to start another new program for camp this summer called “Trailblazers”.