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Poetry Corner

YES! We are looking for you!

“Every day, we write the future… Together, we sign it… Together, we declare it… We share it… For this truth marches on… Inside each of us.” – Amanda Gorman

Calling all Poets and Poetry Enthusiasts in Pacifica.  It is time to nominate the next Pacifica Poet Laureate. The Poet Laureate will be an honorary 3-year position.  During that term, the Poet Laureate will act as ambassador and advocate for poetry, literature and the arts.  It is expected that the Poet Laureate will contribute to Pacifica’s poetry and literary legacy through public readings, and participation in civic events. 

CLICK HERE for a nomination/application form and instructions. 

Deadline for Submitting Applications HAS BEEN EXTENDED: 

For more information, contact the PB&R Department at 650-738-7378 or email phippsb@ci.pacifica.ca.us



Camincha Benvenutto was selected as Pacifica's Poet Laureate in January of 2016, for a three year term. Camincha has demonstrated a commitment to and passion for poetry and has embraced the opportunity to engage in community service to make poetry more accessible and available.  As Pacifica's Poet Laureate, Camincha will serve as an ambassador for Pacifica to engage the citizens in poetry at public events such as readings, workshops, visiting schools and other similar types of outreach. 

You can read more about Camincha in this Pacifica Tribune article.

Below you will find links to Camincha's poetry, as well as those to our Devil's Slide Ride Poetry from 2015.

Camincha was recently part of an event at the San Francisco Public Library in September of 2018, presenting and reading along with other poet laureates.  You can see her on YouTube here.

She Has So Many Poems....
Magical, Magical, Magical Cuba, Havana,Cuba 
Claiming the night’s
Homeless in the Midst of Plenty
Machu Pichu! Cuzco, Peru

If You Only Knew

A Day In A Million
I Walk The Street Of My Memories
Arriving Soon Christmas
Take Your Red Pencil
On A Beautiful Summer Day
Most Every Day
That Woman My Mother
Where I Come From, Where I'm Going
Play Me Your Saxophone
There are Days When
Wishing You, A Fun Holiday:  Graffiti
My Poems, Your Poems

Click on Poetry title to view past featured Poems from the Poetry on Devil's Slide Ride program.

Just sayin
Indigenous Song
Mendocino In An Eggshell