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The New Pacifica Library

Note: Image above is an artist's rendering of the conceptual design for the new library

Happening Now

Final Report (Pacifica Libraries Opportunities) summarizing recommendations from the Library Advisory Committee on planning towards a new Pacifica library will be presented to City Council at the 1/22/2018 City Council meeting. Feedback from community outreach activities is summarized and considered in the report and recommendations. 

See the most recent Presentation from the Library Advisory Committee meeting on 11/8/2017 here. Visit the Library Advisory Committee webpage for more information on meetings.

See a Timeline of the Project Work Plan to-date.

New Pacifica Library FAQs

Recent Activities / Accomplishments

October 23, 2017 City Council Library Update Staff Report

Community Outreach Open House and Workshops were held November 2, 2017; September 28, 2017 and May 23, 2017 to provide the community with updated on the planning process toward a new Pacifica Library and receive input from the community in the process. See the flyer here.

Online Surveys provided another way for the community to provide input on the library project planning. The results of these surveys, together with feedback from the community at the scheduled workshops and touchpoints at community events such as Fog Fest, Kops & Kids and the Farmers Market are summarized here and will be considered in developing recommendations in a report to City Council to be presented on 1/22/2018.

Community Survey - Pacifica Libraries Opportunities - invited feedback on community priorities for library SPACES and ACTIVITIES that our residents would like to see in a new library to serve our community. Click the link to see the results of the online survey.

Community Survey - Pacifica Libraries Options - invited feedback on community on library site and service model options. Click the link to see the results of the online survey.

Library Advisory Committee

The Library Advisory Committee (LAC) has been established to serve in an advisory capacity to staff by providing feedback on various elements of the new Pacifica Public Library project such as project priorities, direction and selection of professional consultants as needed; to facilitate communication between the City and community to solicit feedback and opinions on the Library project and to foster two-way communication.

Visit the Library Advisory Committee webpage for meeting dates, agendas, minutes and more information.


Past History

The City of Pacifica has been working toward constructing a new, single, up-to-date library to meet our community’s needs for more than a decade.  Major public projects such as libraries often require lengthy planning timeframes to ensure the project represents and fits the community in terms of size, services, and amenities.  Our project is no exception.

This process began in 1999 when the City of Pacifica joined the San Mateo County Library Joint Powers Authority.  The SMC Library JPA’s vision for library services focused on one library per community that was able to meet the community’s needs well.  By joining, the City acknowledged the expectation and began work toward a single, up-to-date library facility.

 City Council Votes for Next Planning Steps for New Pacifica Library

At the meeting held on November 23, 2015, the City Council voted unanimously to take the next steps toward realizing the vision for a new library in Pacifica.  Those steps include: 

  • Hiring an architect to complete the next phase of library design known as “schematic design”;
  • Recognizing that a new tax measure to generate new revenue will be needed to construct the library;
  • Hiring experts to determine and measure community support for a tax; and
  • Appropriating sufficient funding to match funds available from San Mateo County for library planning and design activities.

Summary Report Presented November 23, 2015

The report that went to the City Council on November 23, 2015, about the City’s library planning activities—past, present and future— is available to read via this link. The report summarized our accomplishments to date with our community partners, San Mateo County, The SMC Library JPA, the Pacifica Library Foundation and the Pacifica Friends of the Library.  The slideshow presented to the City Council can be found here.

Other Materials Related to the New Pacifica Library

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