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Beach Boulevard Project

Beach Boulevard Property Revitalization and Redevelopment Plan


Throughout most of the 20th Century, the city’s property at 2212 Beach Boulevard served as the Sharp Park Waste Water Treatment Plant, a facility that provided service for many of the city’s residents.

Following the completion of the Calera Creek Water Recycling Plant in 2000, the Sharp Park facility was no longer necessary, and its water treatment components were removed from the site.

Since that time, most of the three-acre site has been essentially vacant and used by the city and Recology for truck parking and miscellaneous storage. However, the property has also played several other important roles: The Council Chamber building along Montecito Avenue hosts council and other civic meetings; a parking lot provides public parking access to the beach and Promenade; and the small pump station building on site still plays a part in the City’s waste water system.

We Want Your Input!

Open House Schedule

Tuesday      August 16      7:30 - 9:30pm       Council Chamber Building
Thursday September 15 7:00 - 9:00pm  Council Chamber Building

To send a comment, email BeachBlvdProject@ci.pacifica.ca.us
Please tell us your name and whether or not you are a Pacifica resident.  

To send a comment, email Please tell us your name and whether or not you are a Pacifica resident.  

Project Goals: Building on Past Planning

For the last decade, the City has recognized that the Beach Boulevard property offers the community an exceptional opportunity for potential redevelopment and revitalization due to the site’s location—adjacent to both the beach and the Palmetto Avenue “main street”—and it’s size and public ownership. 

Several independent evaluations of the site have concluded that—from the points of view of public policy, real estate economics, and urban design—it has the potential to accommodate a combination of the following uses: housing, lodging, restaurant, a small amount of retail, civic uses, and public spaces. (Conversely, other uses, such as extensive office employment, large amounts of retail, and industrial are unlikely to work on the site.)  Any future development on the site should enhance residents’ connection to the waterfront, exemplify the type of attractive and high quality development that Pacifica can be proud of, and potentially achieve other goals.

This mix of uses provides a starting point that will be tested, refined, and adjusted during this phase of work. It will allow City staff, residents, and consultants to “test a thesis.” A recommended development concept presented to the City Council in February 2011 is shown above.   The full report, Beach Boulevard Property Development Evaluation, can be downloaded here.

Within this context, the City has initiated this effort to evaluate and move ahead with the redevelopment and revitalization of the site. Specifically, the goals of this effort include:

  • Refine a development strategy and pattern of land uses that enjoy the support of the Council and community, and that is physically and economically achievable.
  • Understand what, if any, physical, engineering, or regulatory barriers will significantly limit positive redevelopment on the site.
  • Produce renderings, site plans, and photographs of exemplary projects that communicate models for how the redeveloped site may look and feel in the future. 
Be prepared to move forward (in a future phase of work) with the attraction and selection of one or more private sector development teams capable of implementing the vision for the Beach Boulevard property.

Beach Boulevard Property: Recommended Development Concept

Setting the Stage

The project team is collecting public input about the following types of questions. You are invited to submit your ideas via the email contact above, or in person at the Open Houses, also listed above.

  • Opportunities – What do you think are the most desirable and beneficial types of revitalization or redevelopment that could take place on the site?  How would you refine or change the development concept shown above?
  • Constraints – What issues should we consider that will limit what can take place on the site?
  • Unique features of the neighborhood, community, or City that should be integrated into the project. What is special about this place and how can Pacifica reinforce its unique qualities?
  • Models – What are the places—within Pacifica or other cities—that can serve as positive examples for what could take place on this site? 

The Council Chambers building (above) at the Beach Boulevard Property, and Pacifica Pier, located just north of the property.

Documents and Resources

Beach Boulevard Property Redevelopment Evaluation, February 2011.

Site and neighborhood map.

General Plan Update Project link. This process provides context and direction for the Beach Boulevard Property plan.

Project Timeline

During the summer and early fall, the project team will be conducting due diligence, public outreach, site engineering and regulatory analysis, and other activities in order to understand all the opportunities and constraints associated with redevelopment. In September, the project team expects to present refined redevelopment schemes to the City Council and community. During the fall, the project team will be working with the Council to determine how to implement the plan, probably through a public-private partnership. Throughout the process, the team will be evaluating and refining its approach to site engineering and other site issues, and updating this web site with specific dates as they are confirmed.

Project Team

City of Pacifica: Planning, Waste Water, and Public Works Departments
Consultant team:

  • Leland Consulting Group, development strategy and project management
  • Myhre Group Architects, architecture
  • CSG Consultants, site engineering
  • WRA Environmental Consultants, environmental and regulatory analysis