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Financing Options and Open House

Survey Results Now Available!
Please note that the entire document is 255 pages!

The City of Pacifica's Financing City Services Task Force needs your input!

Before cuts are made, the City of Pacifica wants to hear your opinion.

Pacifica is facing further major budget cuts and these cuts will affect essential services.

This is your opportunity to let your voice be heard before a plan is developed and insure that your opinion is considered in the plan.

We want to know what is important to you.

Some of the options include:

• Reducing Library hours
• Reducing/eliminating Senior Services
• Contracting with the San Mateo County Sheriff for Law Enforcement
• Additional Tax measures
• Other revenue and service changes

The City’s annual expenses continue to exceed the annual revenues and the difference is being taken out of reserves. The reserves are diminishing and will be depleted in less than five years. This is the case even after $1.5 million in reductions to services were included in the 2011/2012 Budget and $3.5 million in savings in employee costs have been agreed to by City employees.

The City Council has asked the Financing City Services Task Force to examine the options available to the City and prepare a Five Year Financial Plan that will lead to financial stability for the community. It is estimated that at least $3.5 million in service reductions and/or revenue increases are needed over the five year period ($700,000 annually) to achieve financial stability for the City.

This survey is intended to provide some basic information about the options being considered by the Task Force and solicit citizen opinions about these options. The survey responses are anonymous and will be used to provide guidance to the Task Force as it develops the Five Year Financial Plan for recommendation to the City Council.

The City of Pacifica's Financing City Services Task Force needs your input!

Completed surveys (as of Saturday, January 21st) are now being compiled for Task Force consideration.  The on-line survey tool is now closed.  If you completed an on line or written survey, thank you!  If you were unable to complete a survey by January 20th, a printable survey is available for below for your information.

Survey (printable Adobe Acrobat PDF file for information)

Supporting Documents:

Task Force Timeline
Budget Reserves Chart
Number of Fulltime Employees Chart
Options Considered but not Included