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Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)

The mission of the Pacifica Sanitary Sewer Collection System Division is to prolong the life of the collection system infrastructure and transport waste to point of treatment without disruption or overflows, while meeting the needs of citizens in the service area and all federal, state and local regulations in a cost-efficient manner.

The City of Pacifica employs ten technicians to maintain and operate the collection system. Some of their responsibilities include cleaning and repairing wastewater mains and laterals, televising and recording the condition of the sanitary sewer, performing maintenance on pumps and motors at the lift stations, inspecting private plumbing construction and providing information to the public. These individuals have the responsibility of preventing damage to the community's environment from pollution caused by sanitary sewer overflows.

If you have questions regarding replacement of your sewer lateral or if you are in need of an inspection, please contact Doug Trade by email or by calling (650) 738-7472.


o Organization Contact
      o Wastewater Org Chart

Legal Authority 
      o Ordinance

Overflow Emergency Response Plan - Sanitary Sewer Overflows 

    o Overflow Emergency Response Plan - Pump Stations (PS)
        Brighton PS - Plan A
        Brighton PS - Plan B
        Linda Mar PS - Plan A - Dry Weather
        Linda Mar PS - Plan A - Wet Weather
        Rockaway PS - Plan A - Dry Weather
        Rockaway PS - Plan A - Wet Weather
        Sharp Park PS - Plan A
        Skyridge PS - Plan A
        Skyridge PS - Plan B
 • Operations & Maintenance 
      o  Pacifica Sewer Map 
      o  20 Year Plan - Construction
      o  20 Year Plan - Sewer Service Charge
      o  Inventory Report_Collection System_July 2012 
      o  WWTP Inventory_SSMP_2012
      o  Pacifica SSO Reduction Plan_Final_060111 
      o  Pacifica 2011 Smoke Testing Program Results 122911
      o  Training_SSMP_2012

Design & Construction Standards

FOG Program 
      o  City of Pacifica Ordinance 784 C S  Chapter 6-13 
      o  FOG Program_Audit_Aug.2011 

System Evaluation & Capacity Assurance Plan 
o Collection System Master Plan

Monitoring, Measurement and Program Modifications 
      o  Pacifica_SSO Annual Report_2011
      o  Pacifica  SSO Annual Report and Audit 2012
            o Addendum to the SSMP Audit and Annual Report of Sanitary Sewer System Overflows for Calendar Year 2012
      o Long_Range_Sanitary_Sewer_Capital_Improvement_Plans_FY2011-2032_(Updated_Jan_2014)
      o Pacifica_SSO_Audit_and_Annual_Report_2013 
      o Long Range Sanitary Sewer Capital Improvement Plans FY2011-2032 (updated Jan 2015)

SSMP Audits
      Pacifica  SSO Annual Report and Audit 2012
            o Addendum to the SSMP Audit and Annual Report of Sanitary Sewer System Overflows for Calendar Year 2012
      o Long_Range_Sanitary_Sewer_Capital_Improvement_Plans_FY2011-2032_(Updated_Jan_2014)
      o Pacifica_SSO_Audit_and_Annual_Report_2013
      o Pacifica_SSMP Audit and SSO Annual Report_2014

Communication Program