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Water Collection FAQs

What are my responsibilities as a homeowner regarding building sewer repair and replacement?

The City of Pacifica’s Sewer Maintenance Ordinance Section 6-13.602 states it shall be the responsibility of the property owner to perform all required maintenance, repairs and replacement of the sewer lateral in accordance with the following requirements:

(a) The sewer lateral shall be kept free from roots, grease deposits, and other solids, which may impede or obstruct the flow.

(b) All joints shall be watertight and all pipes shall be sound.

(c) The sewer lateral pipe shall be free of any structural defects such as fractures, cracks, breaks, openings, or missing portions.

(d) All cleanouts shall be securely sealed with a proper cap or approved overflow device at all times.

(e) There shall be no non-sanitary sewer connections to the sewer lateral or to any plumbing that connects to the sewer lateral.

(f) All maintenance, repair or replacement shall conform to current City standards and specifications.