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Waste Water Treatment
700 Coast Highway
Pacifica, CA 94044
Phone: 650-738-4660
Fax: 650-355-7256

Water Collection FAQs

Why must I bring my building sewer up to code?

The City of Pacifica has four major issues to deal with involving its’ sewer system.


Inflow, Infiltration, Overflow, and Exfiltration

are problems the City is trying

to combat.


Inflow is water discharged directly into a

sewer system from such sources as, roof

runoff, area drains, and foundation



Infiltration is when groundwater leaks

into broken or cracked sewer pipe during

wet weather and the whole system can be

overloaded due to this condition.


Overflow is sewage overflow from either

manholes or cleanouts


Ex-filtration is sewer leaking out through

broken or cracked pipe that may

contaminate ground water or receiving

water. A significant portion of the inflow

and infiltration in this City originates

from old leaky building sewer. As the

City continues to grow, and the system

grows older, this problem will only


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