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Water Collection FAQs

Why do I need to televise and/or repair my building sewer if I am selling my home or remodeling ($50,000 or more) or adding any plumbing fixtures (i.e., new bathroom) or changing water service (change of meter size or adding second meter)?

A homeowner is required to televise and/or repair their building sewer when any of the following occur, requiring a Sewer Lateral Compliance Certificate.

  • Transfer of property ownership.
  • When there is a remodel or addition that costs $50,000 or greater.
  • When adding any plumbing fixtures
  • When a change in water service is requested (change of meter size or adding a second meter)

The video inspection is the opportunity to bring the building sewer up to code and receive a Sewer Lateral Compliance Certificate. An comparable example of this would be when you wish to repair your windows and for the repair to be up to code you must install double-pane windows for energy conservation.