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Classes & Group Activities

Senior Services offers a wide array of classes, activities and groups for seniors to participate in Monday thru Friday.  Classes run continuously throughout the year and are instructed by volunteers or self-directed by students. .

View or download a Senior Services CLASS schedule!  All class prices are listed on schedule.

View or download a Senior Services ACTIVITIES calendar!

New in January 2018!  Drop-in Grief Support with Roby Newman, LCSW.   

Effective July 1, 2015 we began our attendance card system for Seniors in Action (SIA) participants.  SIA participants can purchase an attendance card that is good for 10 classes. The card will be either a $10 or $30 card depending upon the fee per class ($1 or $3 including discount for SIA members).  You can use the card for any class that has the same fee.

Non-SIA participants pay for each class upon arrival, $2 or $5 depending on the class fee.

Attendance cards can be purchased from our volunteer Receptionist from 9:00 am to 11:15 am Monday - Friday.  Janis Haynes will be selling them during the other operation hours

If you are interested in becoming a Seniors in Action Member to receive a discounted rate on classes and more click here.  

For more information regarding any of our classes please contact Janis Haynes at 650-738-7384.