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Community Center Rentals

The Pacifica Community Center can be rented by private, community and nonprofit groups on weekends and evenings during non-program hours. Some rooms may be available during regular program hours as well. Facilities include auditorium, kitchen, dance studio, two mid-sized meeting rooms and two smaller meeting rooms. Typical rentals include wedding receptions, fundraisers (dances, dinners, auctions), birthday parties, showers, baptisms, workshops, trainings, meetings, etc. Rates vary depending on rooms and rental length. To make a reservation or for more information about Pacifica Community Center rentals, email  or call 650-738-7376 or 650-738-7381.


  • Click Here for Community Center info and application
  • A security deposit of $250 (private rentals) or $500 (non-profit, fundraisers or entire building) is to secure date & time. Security deposit will be refunded; pending approval from staff. (refunds may take up to 10-14 business days)
  • For private rentals, staff will setup the tables and chairs. Non-Profit/Fundraisers responsible for setup.
  • For all rentals, client is responsible for clean up and breakdown of tables and chairs.
  • Rentals not serving or selling alcohol may be able to secure insurance from an outside source. Proof of insurance must be provided 10 days before the event.
  • City Insurance when serving or selling alcohol is required:
    Price by person: 0-50 persons $101 | 51-249 persons $127 | 250+ persons $149
  •  Alcohol Insurance additional fee of $21.
  • Selling of alcohol requires client to obtain an ABC license from the state. Proof of ABC insurance must be provided 10 days before the event.
  • When alcohol is served, two security guards (one if under 100 guests) must be present during the event. Security guard information (name, badge ID, company) must be on file 2 weeks prior to the event. Upon arrival for the event, guard must read and initial the security guard agreement stating their responsibilities during event.
  • Extra time, unauthorized usage of equipment, damage to Community Center property, of failure to properly clean up may result in partial or full loss of security deposit and additional fees.
  • Events utilizing entire building may require additional Building Attendants; at an extra per hour fee. 
  • Kitchen is an additional flat rate of $100 for use of warming and staging food only.

The Dance Studio: Up to 60 people. 
Great for small parties.

The Auditorum: Up to 175 people. 
(Includes tables, chairs and optional stage) 

The Card Room: Large meeting room

The Craft Room: Smaller Meeting room

The Portola Room:  Smaller meeting room. 

The Game Room: Tables and chairs can be brought in for a smaller meeting.

The Ceramics Room: During the day, used to create ceramic pieces.  In the evening, meeting room.

The Community Center Kitchen




Built in 1972, the Pacifica Community Center was originally an AT&T operator switching station for the Bay Area.  Due to extensive damage to the underground wiring system caused by the storms of 1982 and advances in technology making the facility obsolete, AT&T curtailed operations.The building remained empty until the city council authorized the Trust for Public Land to assist the city in negotiating a purchase price for the property in August 1986.

With the transaction complete, the city council formed a 13-member community center review committee in October of 1986 to assist with the definition of uses and design of the facility. The city council approved contracts with architectural firm Grossmann Design Group and Hodgson Construction Company to renovate the building into a community center. The building was completed and dedicated in November 1988.