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Water Aerobics

Daytime Water Aerobics
Mon - Fri. 6/19/17 thru 8/4/17
11:30 AM - 12:30 AM


The cost is $6 for adults and $5 for seniors. Discount swim passes are available at the Brink Pool.
        20 swims- adult passes (age 18-59 years)  $99.00
                        senior passes (age 60+)  $85.00
        10 swims- adult passes $54.00
                        senior passes $45.00
The class is done in the shallow water, no need to swim! 
Wednesday 8-9 pm - Water Zumba!  Must register online at http://activenet.active.com/pacifica for the Zumba class.

Pool Closure Dates:

January 13th - Pool Closes at 2 PM Swim Meet Set-Up
January 14th & 15th - Swim Meet
January 16th - Martin Luther King Day
February 10th - Pool Closes at 2 PM Meet Set-Up
February 11th & 12th - Swim Meet

February 20th - Presidents Day

March 17th - Pool Closes at 2 PM Meet Set-Up

March 18th & 19th - Swim Meet

April 9th - Swim Meet

April 16th - Easter Sunday