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Aquatics Program
401 Paloma
Pacifica, CA 94044
Phone: 650-738-7460
Fax: 650-738-2165

All Access Pass

All Access Pass

This program allows the member to swim at ANY time the pool is open with the exception of swim meets and private rentals.  Actual number of lanes available will fluctuate depending on programs in progress.   Purchase your pass at the pool today!
18-59 years old - $67/month, $191/quarter or $737/year.
60 years & up - $60/month, $172/quarter or $663/year.

June 22 - August 21, 2015
Monday through Friday 5-8 AM, 11AM - 1PM
Monday 4-9 PM
Tuesday 4-7 PM
Wednesday 4-9 PM
Thursday 4-10 PM
Friday 4-9 PM
Saturday 8-9:30AM and 1-3 PM
Sunday 8:30AM-3 PM



For the enjoyment and safety of all our lap swimmers, please be sure to follow these courtesy rules:

  • NO diving into the water!  Enter feet first.
  • Swimmers need to share lanes when the pool becomes crowded and utilize the circle method of swimming when there are three or more swimmers per lane.  If there are two swimmers per lane, you should    mutually agree to swim in a straight line using half a lane each.
  • Swim full laps.
  • If you need to stop at the walls, move to the side so others may continue swimming.
  • Be aware of other swimmers near you - on either side, or in front of you.  It is your responsibility not to swim into the feet of the person in front of you.
  • Staff should not have to be referees.  We ask your cooperation so that a courteous and friendly attitude will continue to prevail during our Lap Swim Programs.

Pool Closure Dates:

September 19 - Pool Closes at 2 PM
September 20 & 21 - Swim Meet
October 31 - Pool Closes at 2 PM

November 14 - Pool Closes at 2 PM
November 15 & 16 - Swim Meet
November 27 & 28 - Thanksgiving
December 12 - Pool Closes at 2 PM
December 13 & 14 - Swim Meet

December 24 & 25 - Christmas
December 31 & January 1 - New Years

January 19 - Martin Luther King, Jr.
February 16 - Presidents' Day

March 27th - Pool Closes at 7pm for Swimming Meet

March 28 & 29 - Swim Meet

April 19 - Swim Meet
April 5 - Easter Sunday

May 25 - Memorial Day