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Archived City Updates

  • 2/28/2018 - The comment period for the Draft Vulnerability Assessment (find this document under the Deliverables heading below) has been extended to Wednesday, March 14, 2018.  Please send comments to Bonny O'Connor, Assistant Planner at 170 Santa Maria Ave., Pacifica, CA  94044 or sealevelrise@ci.pacifica.ca.usAdditionally, a GIS-webviewer containing GIS asset data and hazard zone has been made available to the public to search and view parcels or areas of concern.  Please read the User Guide before accessing the GIS-webviewer link above.
  • 2/23/18 - Meeting summaries from the January 23rd Technical Work Group and Community Work Group meetings have been posted on the Public Participation page.
  • 2/8/2018 - The agenda for the February 13th public workshop has been posted to the Public Participation Page.    
  • 1/18/2018 - The Public Workshop meeting date and time was identified and is posted above.  City Council Progress Updates No. 3 was also posted.
  • 1/12/2018 - The Draft Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment and Appendices have been posted.  The agendas for the first Technical Work Group and Community Work Group meetings on January 23, 2018 have been posted on the Public Participation page.  Please see the Public Participation page for more information.
  • 1/9/2018 - A revised Asset Inventory Memo has been posted.  Revisions were made to the memo to clearly identify all assets that will be analyzed in the Draft Vulnerability Assessment.        
  • 1/8/2018 - City Council Progress Updates No. 1 and No. 2 posted.
  • 12/27/2017 - Future Conditions Scenarios Memo posted.
  • 12/21/2017 - Members for the Community Work Group (CWG) have been selected.  The City received a large number of applications to participate in this important initiative.  There were many applications received with overlapping stakeholder interests.  The final Community Work Group roster represents balanced and inclusive stakeholder interests in Pacifica, including: business, environmental, real estate, recreation, and other local knowledge and expertise.

    Additionally, invites to representatives of various regulatory and resources agencies for the Technical Work Group (TWG) have been sent.

    A meeting date and times for the CWG and TWG were identified and are posted above.  The public is welcome to attend both meetings, however, public participation during the CWG and TWG meetings may be limited in order to allow the Work Group members time to complete their work, and understanding there will be an additional opportunity at another public meeting for full public participation.  More information will be posted on the Public Participation page for these meetings in the coming weeks, including a date and time for the full public participation Public Workshop meeting.
  • 11/16/2017 - Final Stakeholder Engagement Plan posted
  • 11/15/2017 – The City is seeking applicants for the Sea Level Rise Community Work Group. The Community Work Group will be a cornerstone of the stakeholder engagement program for Pacifica’s sea level rise assessment and planning. Please see the attached description and application for more information. Applications must be received by December 13, 2017 and can be submitted here or mailed to Bonny O’Connor, Assistant Planner, at 170 Santa Maria Ave. Pacifica, CA 94044    
  • 10/18/2017 - Draft Stakeholder Engagement Plan posted.  Final will be posted soon.    
  • 9/28/2017 - Project Schedule posted.   
  • 9/20/2017 - City launches Sea Level Rise website.  Further information will be provided on the website as it becomes available, so please check back often!
  • 9/19/2017 - Task 1 commences!  Kickoff meeting with City staff and consultant occurs.
  • 8/14/2017 - City Council approves contract with Environmental Science Associates (ESA) to conduct the technical vulnerability assessment and prepare adaptation plans related to sea level rise under the direction of City staff.